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  • Thumb Tacks on Seattle to Portland Bike Course, Accident or Intention? Washington's STP riders see more bicycle rider bias as 4 miles of road covered in thumb tacks. Bike accidents and injuries followed.
  • Olympia, WA Bicycle Accident Leaves Rider Unconscious in Hospital 425.822.5700. Call Washington's best bicycle accident attorneys after a serious injury causing accident. Sign nothing & give no statements until you contact us.
  • How is Seattle making it's roads safer to avoid Bike Accidents? FREE Book: The Guide To Washington Injury Cases, order today before you talk to a lawyer, sign any forms or talk to the insurance adjuster after a bike accident
  • New Law Proposed for Bicycle Safety - 3 Foot Buffer When Passing Riding a bicycle in Seattle, Kirkland or on other Washington roadways can be very dangerous. Increasing the room required by vehicles when passing bikes is a great idea for Washington bicycle riders. Injuries in car v. bicycle accidents are often severe including broken legs, pelvis and shoulders. Requiring more room between cars and bikes is a good thing.
  • Seattle Bicycle Danger Zones Mapped By Seattle Times Have you been injured in a Bicycle v. car accident in Seattle or Kirkland? If you’ve been hit by a car while riding your bike, call Kirkland Bike Injury Attorneys of Scott McDonald And Associates at 425-822-5700. Don’t sign any forms or speak to any insurance adjusters before ordering your FREE book “The Guide to Washington Injury Cases” by calling 425-822-5700.
  • Google Bike Route Maps Looking for a new bicycle route around Seattle? Google has a new tool for you. Hopefully, Google new bike mapping toll will help area bicyclists avoid Washington bicycle v. car accident. Remember, if your injured in a bicycle v. car accident don't sign any forms or talk to any insurance adjuster until you get your free copy of The Guide To Washington Injury Cases.