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Pedestrian & Crosswalk Accidents

Where Injured Pedestrian Accident Victims Turn for a Fighting Chance

Finding an attorney who regularly represents pedestrians injured in a Washington State traffic accident can be frustrating.  There are many personal injury attorneys in cities like Seattle, Kirkland, Bellevue, and Redmond, many of whom advertise that they accept auto accident and injury cases  – including pedestrian accidents. While these law firms say that they accept pedestrian accident cases, it seems as though these types of cases are more of an afterthought in their practices.

Experienced pedestrian accident and injury attorney

Scott McDonald has been representing Washington State men, women, and children injured in pedestrian traffic collisions for 30 years.  Pedestrian accidents are an integral part of our legal practice, and we have a proven track record of getting results.  We have successfully handled cases involving broken ankles, fractured feet, other broken bones, spine injuries, knee damage, severe leg trauma, and more.  If you aren’t sure if you need an attorney, please call us to discuss if and how we could help you.

Who is going to pay for your injuries?

A common concern among injured pedestrians is the big question – who pays for your injuries after a traffic crash?  The short answer is: it depends. If the driver who hit you has what is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, then their insurance company would be responsible for covering your medical costs.  This means that you and your attorney will be dealing with somebody else’s insurance company, which as you will find out can be a challenge.  On the other hand, if the driver who hit you does not have PIP, your insurance company will have to pay for your injuries – assuming you have PIP coverage. 

If neither you nor the other driver has PIP, then your health insurance will have to pick up the tab.  Finally, if you don’t have health insurance then you could be stuck paying for your injuries out of pocket.  This is why pedestrian accidents can be so difficult.  Not only is the issue of compensation complicated, but comparable negligence must also be taken into account.  It is possible that you were partially responsible for the accident. For example, if you stepped out into oncoming traffic without looking your case will have to be handled accordingly.  Because of this it is very important that you discuss your case with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney.

We know how to play the insurance game

One of the other challenges of being in an accident is getting fair treatment from the insurance company.  If you’ve never dealt with insurance adjusters before, you may be shocked to find out how adversarial they can be.  Keep in mind that insurance companies are like any other business – they have to keep an eye on the bottom line.  Because of this, they’ll be looking for ways to make sure you receive the lowest amount of compensation possible.

However, you don’t need to go head to head with the adjuster alone.  Scott McDonald will make sure that the insurance company doesn’t give you the run-around.  Since we’ve been practicing law so long, we’ve interacted with a wide variety of insurance companies; we know about their policy decisions, we know who fights dirty and we know the best way to handle any situation.

Please contact the us at Scott McDonald and Associates today and give your pedestrian accident case a fighting chance. 

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