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HANDLING CAR REPAIRS: I was injured and my car was damaged in a Seattle car accident. How do I get my car fixed without hurting my injury claim?d

When it comes to Washington car accidents, you are generally dealing with two types of claims: property damage and personal injuries. These are independent claims and usually do not affect one another. This means that if you accept money to repair your vehicle it will not affect your injury claim. Often times there are even different insurance adjuster assigned to handle each type of claim. Insurance companies like to process property damage claims quickly, so it should not take long for you to get the funds to repair your car.

You also have the option to have your car insurance company repair your car if you have "collision" coverage on your policy. This at times can be even faster. However, you may have a deductible that you must pay. Your insurance may waive it or they receive it when they go after reimbursement from the at fault driver's insurance company instead. 

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