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Every year thousands of Washington state residents are injured in car, truck, pedestrian, bicycle, or motorcycle accidents, oftentimes due to somebody else's negligence.  One of the biggest challenges facing severely injured individuals seeking compensation after a road or highway crash is that insurance companies can be unforgivably tight fisted.  While we all want to believe that insurance companies will ‘do the right thing' and fairly compensate you for your injuries, unfortunately that isn't always the case.  Now more than ever you need a law firm with its finger on the pulse of the insurance community and an attorney with 38 years of experience who knows how to fight for the justice you deserve.

Experience Counts and Personal Service Delivers

At Scott McDonald and Associates, we believe in hands-on client relationships. You can rest assured that if we take your case, Scott will personally work to get you the best possible settlement. Scott's 38 years of experience as a personal injury attorney in Washington State have made him an expert in identifying when to settle, when to go to trial, how to negotiate, and where to find the most skilled investigators and most compelling expert witnesses. Our mission is to help our clients get what they deserve to recover from their injuries. We aggressively negotiate for the best settlement possible and work diligently to make sure our clients are happy with their result. Due to our small size we are selective in which cases we accept, but it is always worthwhile to call us for a free consultation to see how we can help you. We primarily work on retainer meaning that if we don't win you money, you won't have to pay us. At Scott McDonald and Associates, a helping hand is just a phone call away. 

In order to further share our knowledge with Washington accident victims, we've prepared the following free publication:

At Scott McDonald and Associates, we accept the following types of cases:

Car and Truck Accidents

Washington State roads and highways see nearly 100,000 motor vehicle accidents and over 400 deaths every year. With numbers like these, there's a good chance that you or someone close to you will be involved in a traffic collision in your lifetime. You may need legal help to get the compensation you deserve for serious auto accident injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, or severe whiplash.  Scott McDonald and Associates will stand up for your rights against the tight-fisted insurance companies and their aggressive lawyers. 

Pedestrian Accidents

Few people consider the dangers of simply walking down or across a street, but according to the Washington State Department of Transportation over 2,000 pedestrians and roadway workers are injured every year.  Unfortunately, 98.4% of pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle will sustain an injury - sometimes quite severe - and if you're one of them, you may be wondering if you need legal help.  Scott McDonald and Associates can help you determine if an attorney will improve your chances of securing the compensation you'll need to recover from your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists are a common sight on Washington state roads, and with stunning bike trails like the Burke-Gilman Trail, ample cycling opportunities abound for both recreational and serious riders.  Add regular commuter cyclists to the mix and with so many bicycles on the road it isn't surprising that there are nearly 1,300 collisions each year involving cyclists.  If you are an injured cyclist looking for a law firm that can help you obtain the settlement you deserve for your injuries and suffering, then Scott McDonald and Associates can help you. 

Motorcycle Accidents

The awe-inspiring views from the roads and highways of King County and the surrounding area draw motorcyclists from near and far.  Unfortunately, for over 2,600 Washington state bikers each year, a routine commute or recreational ride will end in a traffic accident - some quite serious.  Injured motorcyclists seeking personal representation from a law firm that can deliver more than lip service should contact Scott McDonald and Associates to discuss their case.

Wrongful Death

Scott McDonald and Associates helps surviving spouses and children file and pursue wrongful death claims, obtaining compensation for funeral expenses, loss of future earnings, medical bills, physical pain and emotional suffering from the person or company responsible for the wrongful death. Our personal, hands-on style assures you will receive the attention and care you deserve after such a traumatic event.   

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Practice Areas

Car and Truck Accidents Car and Truck Accidents

If conversations with insurance company adjusters after your Washington State car or truck accident leave you feeling frustrated and upset, then you aren’t alone. Insurance companies are becoming even more aggressive and tight-fisted in the current economic climate, and accident victims need all the help they can get. Contact the law firm of Scott McDonald and Associates at 425-822-5700 to discuss your auto accident case with Scott McDonald. Scott has extensive experience handling insurance companies and has the knowledge needed to get the best possible outcome for your case. Put our 38 years of trial experience to work for you and get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle Accidents

After suffering a serious motorcycle accident, the last thing you want to do is quibble with a stingy insurance company over what you deserve for your injuries and suffering. Why let your motorcycle injury claim drag on indefinitely while the insurance company dodges their responsibility? Attorney Scott McDonald knows all the tricks of the insurance trade and is ready to give you and your cases a fighting chance at justice. With 38 years of experience representing Washington State residents injured in motorcycle accidents, Scott has the resources and skills to get you the best possible result for your personal injury case.

Wrongful Death & Fatal Accidents Wrongful Death & Fatal Accidents

If a loved one has died as a result of another person or company’s carelessness, the last thing you want to do is argue with an insurance company over whether they will pay for the funeral expenses, medical bills, and lost wages of your spouse or parent. Why let your wrongful death claim drag on indefinitely while the insurance company dodges their responsibility? Attorney Scott McDonald at Scott McDonald and Associates represents families who have suffered a devastating wrongful loss of a loved one. With 38 years of experience representing Washington State families in wrongful death cases, Scott McDonald has the resources and skill you need for your wrongful death case.

Pedestrian & Crosswalk Accidents Pedestrian & Crosswalk Accidents

If you are looking for a law firm with experience handling Washington State pedestrian accidents and injuries, then Scott McDonald and Associates is for you. Pedestrian accident cases are an integral part of our practice and we have been helping people just like you for 38 years. Don't take your chances with a law firm that treats pedestrian accidents as an afterthought. Let Scott go head to head with the insurance company and make sure you are fairly compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents Bicycle Accidents

With 38 years of experience representing Washington State men, women, and children injured in bicycle accidents, attorney Scott McDonald at Scott McDonald and Associates has the resources and skill you need for your case. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of a law firm that only handles cycling injury cases once in a blue moon; let Scott make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Negotiating with insurance adjusters and managing the details of bike injury cases can be a challenge, but we will take care of all the details so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.