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When Slow Speed Kills l fatal Washington I-5 freeway semi-truck accident

Posted on May 10, 2011
Driving too slowly on the I-5 freeway in Washington appears to have cost a woman in her 70's her life. Our prayers got out to this woman's family.

A car driven by a 87 year old man has been reported to be driving slowly or may have been stopped on I-5 very early this morning near Marsyville, Washington. A semi-truck came upon the vehicle and was not able to stop before this severe fatal Marsyville semi-truck accident.

The car was a Honda and the rear of the vehicle was completely crushed as was the front of the vehicle because it was thrown into the cement barrier in the center median of the road. This fatal Washington accident highlights the dangers of not driving according to the rules of the road.

  • Is there a minmum speed that you must travel on Washington freeways? 
  • No, but you can't obstruct traffic either. What does obstructing traffic mean?
  • Generally you should not travel any slower than 10-20 mph below the speed limit on a freeway. The slower you go the more dangerous it can be.

Other drivers do not expect to come up on a vehicle traveling very slowly on a freeway. It's too dangerous for some vehicles to travel slowly while others travel much faster. The reaction times for drivers do not allow for safe driving with these large differences in speed.

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