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Washington Traffic Fatalities Lowest Since 1955

Posted on Oct 01, 2009
Washington car accident related death are at a 54 year low according to Washington Department of Transportation and Washington Traffic Safety Commission.  In 2008 522 traffic deaths have been reported, which is the lowest number since there was 461 in 1955.

The drop is attributed to use of seat belts.  Since 2000 the number of traffic fatalities caused by failure to wear a seat belt has dropped by over 33%.  The percentage of drivers in Washington who wear their seat belt is 96.5%, third highest in the nation behind Michigan and Hawaii.  

The number of car accidents is also dropping.  In 1990 the number of traffic deaths or serious injury accidents was 2,500.  In 2008 that number has dropped to just over 1,000 according to the Washington State Patrol.

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