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Two Kirkland Girls Hit in Juanita Crosswalk by SUV

Posted on Jan 28, 2010
A 16 year-old teenager and her toddler aged sister were crossing 100th Ave. NE in a marked crosswalk when they were hit by an SUV in a Kirkland crosswalk accident.  The young girls were crossing a five lane portion of 100th Ave. NE near the 12600 block.  The Kirkland pedestrian accident happened Wednesday afternoon.

The crosswalk in question is just a couple miles north of our office.  The crosswalk has boldly marked white stripes, overhead lights, and overhead crosswalk signs.  Unfortunately it is also very busy road in the Juanita neighborhood with a posted speed limit of 35 mph that cars regularly exceed.   

As the two young ladies entered the crosswalk a vehicle in the first lane of southbound traffic stopped, but an SUV in the second lane did not stop and hit the Kirkland sisters.  The SUV driver is reported to be a woman in her 40's.  The SUV is totally at fault for causing the accident and will be responsible for all the girls injuries and damages. 

Both girls suffered serious injuries in the Kirkland pedestrian crosswalk accident.  The teenager suffered possible broken bones and the toddler may have a brain or head injury.  Both girls were taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment of their serious injuries.  Past clients in similar accidents have suffered broken anlkes, legs, arms, or ribs.

Injuries to children are to be taken very seriously because they have not finished growing and developing.  Broken bones in children can be a concern when growth plates are involved.  A fracture over a growth plate carries a risk of altering the full growth of a bone.  Head injuries in small children are even more concerning as they are a long way from complete mental development.  For these types of reason children have a long statute of limitations associated in injury causing pedestrian and car accident.  Children have until their 21st birthday before their legal rights expire. 

Kirkland Pedestrian and Car Accidents involving children that are caused by the negligence of another person require special care.  In most cases it's best to consult with an experience Kirkland Pedestrian Crosswalk Accident attorney as soon as possible, but absolutely before you sign any forms or speak with the driver's insurance company.  Call us at 425-822-5700 or email at [email protected] if you have child who been injured in a Kirkland crosswalk accident.