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Two killed in crash on "highway of death"

Posted on Jun 17, 2014

Two individuals died and two others sustained severe injuries Monday afternoon after a head-on crash on Highway 522. Officials state that at least one of the injured victims is a child. 

The crash was a two-car collision that occurred at 3:20 p.m. east of Fales road. The crash involved a Ford Fusion and a Mitsubishi Eclipse. Both occupants of the Ford Fusion were killed as a result of the accident. 

Highway 522 is notorious for being a very dangerous highway for Washington drivers. The Washington State Department of Transportation is making efforts to widen 522 and improve the safety of the route but this is not improving the entire highway which has been the site of 1,780 accidents, 1,359 injuries and 47 deaths over 15 years. Unfortunately, the current efforts of the WSDOT are focused on widening just a 4 mile stretch of SR 522 (that said this is one of the most traveled sections of 522). 

The bad conditions of 522 are a result of the rapid suburbanization of the Snohomish County area which led to increased traffic on 522. Unfortunately 522 has not been significantly renovated to accomodate this traffic safely. 

I am in favor of looking into a modest increase in the current gas tax that will be used to fund road renovations (the 4 mile 522 renovation is funded primarily by the current Nickel Gas Tax) to make roads like 522 safer for the public. However, I would have to look at an analysis of the economic impact of such a tax increase to be certain if that is the best route to take for Washington State drivers. 

I have previously commented on the safety of a connecting road, U.S. Route 2, and why I believe further road improvements are necessary. 

If you or someone you know has been injured on Highway 522 or any other roadway, contact the law offices of Scott McDonald and Associates for aggressive, experienced legal assistance that will assure you get the help you need.