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Toyota Lawyer Alleges He was Ordered by Toyotay to Destroy Evidence

Posted on Sep 01, 2009
A story out of Los Angeles, California details how a high ranking lawyer for Toyota Motor Corp.'s USA sales company was ordered and forced by Toyota management to hide and wrongfully withheld evidence in lawsuits alleging defective roof design in rollover car accidents.  Dimitrious Biller, former attorney for Toyota, has filed a lawsuit with these allegations.

I find this very, very troubling and frankly the reason that injury victims often need attorneys to file civil lawsuits against big greedy corporations.  It is a complete disregard of the American justice system for Toyota to act in such a way.  Any why?  So they can keep their massive profits despite having put defectively designed and unsafe vehicles out on the road.

Roof crush injuries in rollover accidents are usually of a very serious nature.  Often times roof crush injury victims suffer severe spine injuries, broken bones, head and brain injuries and even death.  This kind of corporate abuse of the justice system is the stuff John Grisham books and Hollywood movies are made of. 

Mr. Biller's lawsuit claims he was ordered to destroy evidence in over 300 roof crush lawsuits.  Ethically this is a cardinal sin for a lawyer.  I won't be surprised if Mr. Biller is disbarred eventually.  However, if Biller's claims are proven true Toyota could be faced with the reopening of hundreds of cases that have been previously settled or decided and examined for abuse. 

I'm sure we can also look forward to Biller getting a book and movie deal to tell the story in the coming years.

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