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Seattle Hit-and-Run Driver Caught by Police - 4 Cars Hit

Posted on Jul 02, 2010
A crazed driver smashed into four other cars in a bad Washington hit-and-run car accident. A total of six people suffered injuries in the five car wreck.  The hit-and-run driver's suv flipped over as a result of the collision impact.

Here's a King 5 News report about it http://www.king5.com/news/Police-looking-for-hit-and-run-driver-97646324.html

After the Washington auto accident the hit-and-run driver attempted to flee the scene of the accident on foot.  A local gas station worker, Man Dip Sin, witnessed the Federal Way, Washington car accident and went to help at the scene.  He saw the at fault driver walking away from the seen and told him to wait.  Mr. Sin followed the driver on foot, and the driver started running and fled the scene. 

Police called in a helicopter and the driver was found hiding in some bushes near the accident scene.  The driver is suspected of have multiple traffic tickets and car accidents in his past.  

When stories like this hit the news we are reminded again of the importance of having underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage on your car insurance policy.  Although we don't know if there is adequate insurance on the suv that caused the accident, it's not hard to imagine that if a guy runs on foot from the scene of an accident he probably doesn't have much if any insurance.  Who pays then? You do!  So protect yourself and your family by purchasing as much UIM car insurance as possible.  It does cost much, but can save you from big financial problems if your injured in a Washington hit-and-run accident like this one.


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