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Seattle Cop Punches Woman in Face

Posted on Jun 15, 2010
King 5 News has purchased a video of a Seattle Police officer attempting to make an arrest.  The officer was attempting to arrest one woman when another woman tried to interfere and shoved and then grabbed the officer in an effort to break her friend free from the officer's grasp.  In response to being assaulted by the second woman the officer punch the woman the face.  A bystander caught the incident on his cell phone video camera.

I say the woman got what she deserved. You don't physically assault a police officer, let alone when he's in the middle of making an arrest and attempting to put handcuffs on another person.  The woman broke the law and got what she had coming, period.  I would have tazed both of them if it was me.  

According to the a Seattle Times article police training includes the use of a punch in certain situations. The incident began when four women jaywalked in front of the officer.  He called them over regarding they illegal crossing of the street when voices and tensions escalated.  

If the women would have cooperated with the policeman they may have received a verbal warning or at worst a citation. Instead they face criminal charges. DUMB!!

My 2 cents,

Max Meyers

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