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Richland, WA Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Posted on May 17, 2010
A 40 year-old Richland, Washington man was riding his bike down Wright Avenue when an SUV turned right in front of him at an intersection.  The "right hook" type motorcycle collision is one of the most common motorcycle wrecks we see in our Washington motorcycle accident practice.  The SUV reportedly failed to see a stop sign it had to obey and turned onto Wright Avenue from Tinkle Street despite the motorcycle's right of way.

The motorcycle rider apparently did not have time to avoid the SUV who cut him off and crashed into it.  At the scene of the accident the man was speaking to people prior to being transported to Kadlec Hospital.  Unfortunately, his condition must have become much worse as he later died from his accident related injuries.  Our prayers go out to his family. 

The 2010 Washington motorcycle season has seen what feels like a large number of fatal motorcycle accidents.  In a situation like this the spouse and children are left with a huge whole in their lives.  The emotional loss and is often compounded by the financial loss of an income from the family.  These can be devastating to the family left behind and is what Washington wrongful death laws are aimed at trying to minimize.

If your family has suffered the devastating loss of a loved one because of a motorcycle accident caused by a careless and negligent driver, please don't wait to seek legal help.  Wrongful death cases are complicated and required immediate attention from an experience Washington motorcycle accident attorney.  Evidence must be preserved, an investigation must be done without delay, and witnesses must be contact before they disappear.  Our attorneys would be happy to discuss your families case with you at anytime. 


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