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Motorcycle Slams into Rear of Ambulance, Helmet Saves Rider's Life

Posted on Jun 09, 2009
A Seattle motorcycle rider was distracted by a car accident on the side of I-5 near Northgate which had emergency vehicles present.  The motorcyclist failed to see an ambulance stopped in his lane ahead of him and crashed into the rear doors of the ambulance suffering serious injuries.

The Seattle motorcycle rider was taken to Harborview Medical Center.  His helmet left a dent in the doors of the ambulance and is credited with saving his life.  An EMT has just step into the ambulance to treat a patience narrowly mssing a collision with the motorcycle.  The impact was so great that the medics intiailly didn't think the Seattle man would survive the motorcycle crash. 

According to Washington State Troopers the motorcyclist was riding with headphones in both ears, which is illegal in Washington state.  Drivers are allowed to drive with one ear bud so long as you can hear surrounding noises. 

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