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Motorcycle Rider Dies When Car Pulls Out on Highway 2 in Sultan, WA

Posted on Feb 18, 2010
Sunny spring type weather means motorcyclists are opening up the garage and taking their bikes for a ride.  A Washington motorcycle accident happened yesterday afternoon in Sultan, Washington.  A teenage driver pulled out from a driveway in front of the bike, cutting the rider off and causing him to crash badly.  The motorcycle v. car crash happened at the intersection of Highway 2 and Rice road.

The motorcycle rider was Bruce Ramsey, a 47 year-old corrections officer at Monroe State Prison.  He was a 25 year veteran officer who had risen to the rank of lieutenant.  He left behind his wife, Kelly, daughter Jennifer and son Michael.  Our sincere condolences go out to the Ramsey family.

The driver of the car was a 16 year-old Marysville, WA girl.  She also had a 17 year-old male passenger.  Neither of them were reported to have suffered injuries.  

This is another tragic Washington biker who has died wrongfully. His family is left with tragedy. Families who lose loved ones as a result of a motorcycle accident caused by the carelessness and negligence of another driver have a wrongful death claim that may be asserted.  Nothing can ease a family's pain and the financial burden can be devastating.

That's is why, when the family is over the shock and initial devastation of the loss they may wish to seek legal remedies to soften the financial burden that has resulted.  A surviving spouse and children have legal rights against the car driver that caused the fatal accident.  

In this case, since the driver was a 16 year-old girl, I pray she had a high amount of liability insurance.  She is likely on her parents insurance policy, which usually means their will be more than just the Washington state minimum level of insurance ($25,000).  There may not be enough insurance to cover the full damages suffered by the family.  In such cases, the motorcycle rider's bike insurance may step in under his underinsured motorist insurance coverage to cover any damages not compensated for by the at fault driver.  Wrongful death cases can be complicated and complex, involving many different insurance companies.  It's usually best to seek the advice of an experience Washington motorcycle accident and wrongful death attorney as soon as possible.  

If you find yourself in the above situation and feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start, please call us, we are experienced Motorcycle accident attorneys and can help you through this difficult process.

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