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Mercer Island Man Dies After Laying Down Bike

Posted on Mar 20, 2010
A 68-year old Mercer Island, WA man died Friday, March 19, 2010 following his Woodinville motorcycle accident.  The man apparently slid out in a Woodinville, WA intersection while attempting to make a left turn in front of a 2004 Jeep Liberty.  The man somehow laid his 2007 Kawasaki Ninja down while making the left turn causing him to slide in front of the oncoming Jeep.

As a result of the Washington motorcycle v. car accident the Mercer Island man hit his head.  Police report the motorcycle may not have hit the Jeep but the Mercer Island man's body did slide into the Jeep.  Although the man was wearing a helmet his head hit the Jeep during the collision impact causing severe head injuries to the motorcycle rider.  The motorcyclists head injuries proved fatal as he died at the scene of the motorcycle crash.

Our prayers and condolences go out to this man's family.

As warm sunny spring days start here in Washington, riders need to be extra careful on the roads.  Intersections may have gravel, dirt, and other debris in them, which has accumulated during the winter months.  Also, cars are not used to seeing motorcycles and scooters on the roads, so they may be even more prone to not seeing you.  Please ride with extra caution as the 2010 motorcycle season gets underway here in Washington state.