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Do Wet Seattle Roads Increase Traffic Deaths in November?

Posted on Nov 19, 2009
In the last 2 days there have been two fatal Washington car accidents on Seattle area roadways.  November 2009 in Western Washington has seen many days of rainy and stormy weather.  The trend sure indicates that rain storms equal increased fatal car accidents.

A 63 year-old Edmonds, Washington man died following a rear-end car accident involving three cars on Tuesday morning.  The man who suffered the fatal injuries was stopped at a red light when he was slammed into by another car and thrown into the car in front of him.  It's not clear what kind of injuries led to this tragic result. 

As Kirkland Washington rear-end car accident attorneys we see this kind of collision all the time.  In our experience this is a very out of the ordinary result.  Normally rear-end collisions at red lights don't result in people being killed, even in high speed collisions.  So there must be some extraordinary circumstances in this case. 

However, from a legal stand point it does not matter.  If you rear-end someone and they suffer fatal injuries as a result because they were more fragile medically than most people it's tough luck for you.  Washington law says that you take the injury victims as they are, period end of story.  You don't get to compare and generalize to other people.  Injury cases focus solely on the person injured nobody else.  In this case the driver could be faced with a wrongful death claim.

Another three car accident happened on I-5 near Sea-Tac, which took the life of a person driving a Toyota Land Cruiser.  The 3-car collision closed southbound I-5 for three hours Wednesday.  The Washington State Patrol is still investigating the fatal Washington car accident and is looking for eye witnesses.  If you saw this accident you are asked to call WSP Detective Ruth Medeiros at 425-401-7719.