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Colorado Women Gets 3 years For Killing Two Bicyclists

Posted on Jun 09, 2009
Two Colorado bicycle riders died in a horrific car accident back in August of 2008.  A 64 year-old Colorado woman who was high on prescription medications without her required eye glasses when she drove through a group of five bicycle riders, killing two of them.  The elderly woman was sentence to 3 years in prison for vehicular manslaughter by a Colorado Springs court, short of the six year maximum sentence.  

Jayson Kilroy, 28 and Edger "EJ" Juarez, 30 were the bicyclists killed by the woman.

The woman just prior to the fatal car v. bicycle accident was reportedly shoplifting at a Safeway store.  She also hit a car in the parking lot as she was leaving the parking lot.  The man who she hit in the parking lot followed the woman and witnessed her hit the five bicyclists.  The three other bicyclists also suffered injuries of a less serious nature.  The woman did apologize to the families and express remorse before being tearfully taken away to jail.

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