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Car Runs Down 2 WSU Students in Crosswalk and on Sidewalk

Posted on Dec 08, 2009
Two pedestrians were hit by a car Monday morning by a hit and run driver on the WSU campus. These Washington pedestrian accidents are becoming all to regular.  Hitting someone in a crosswalk and leaving the scene is just shameful.  The injury victims should hold the driver accountable by asserting their legal rights.

According to police reports the driver hit the first pedestrian in a crosswalk then proceeded down the road where he ran over a median and then hit another pedestrian on a sidewalk.  The driver then got out of his car and ran on foot from the scene of the pedestrian accidents. Jerk!!

Luckily WSU campus police were in pursuit and caught the driver shortly thereafter.  The police had to Taser the driver to get him under control.  A little poetic justice in my book.  If you hit to pedestrians with your car then flee the scene, you just might deserve to be tased.

It's this kind of conduct by an at fault driver that makes insurance on your own car so important.  If you are hit as a pedestrian and the at fault driver does not have insurance or not enough insurance, then your Underinsured Motorist insurance will cover your medical bills, lost wages, and compensate you for having to go through the pain, stress and frustration of being injured in a Washington pedestrian accident. 

In cases like this it's important to contact an experience Washington pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible.  A thorough investigation needs to be completed and you don't want to speak with the driver's insurance company or sign any forms before consulting with an experienced injury attorney. 

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