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Auburn, WA Motorcycle Crash with SUV Kills Rider

Posted on Sep 15, 2010
An Auburn man was killed in a Washington motorcycle accident with an small Mercedes SUV Thursday evening. Details of how the accident happened have not yet been released.  However, the photos of the motorcycle accident scene seem to indicate it was the fault of the SUV turning left across traffic to a side street.  Our prayers and heart felt condolences go out to this man's family.

Unfortunately in 2010 we have seen far too many Washington motorcycle rider deaths from the "left hook" type of accident where the on coming vehicle fails to see the approaching motorcycle and turns left right in front of the bike cutting it off.  The motorcycle rider is left with no time to react and usually slams into the passenger side of the left turning vehicle.  If the rider is lucky he hits the front quarter of the vehicle and flies over the hood.  Here it appears the rider impact near the passenger door and his body hit the vehicle because it was a tall SUV type vehicle. A preventable tragedy!

Please drive safe and exercise more caution during the warmer months here in the Pacific Northwest when more motorcycles are on the road.

Link to Seattle Times news article.


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