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New Motorcycle Helmet "Skin" Reduces Brain Injury by 70% l Washington Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Head injuries are common in Washington motorcycle accidents. A new motorcycle helmet design in Europe may reduced traumatic brain injury (TBI) by almost 70% in a motorcycle accident.  The new helmet design has a soft membrane on the outside of the helmet, which is designed to imitate human skin.  The new design improves brain injury protection by nearly 70% over other helmet designs. 

British doctor Ken Philips began studying how to reduce brain injuries in motorcycle accidents over 15 years. Dr. Philips was able to show that a helmet with a lubricated membrane on it could produce the same dynamic effect as the scalp upon impact, and reduce injury to the skull and brain.  Dr. Philips created the technology that became Superskin® and worked with Belgian company, Lazer Helmet, on the "Philips Head Protection System," PHPS™.  After several years in development and testing, the Lazer Superskin Helmet is available in Europe, but not the USA yet.

In essence what has been done is to add a soft playable outer skin to a traditional helmet.  Traditional helmets have a hard outer shell and foam padding inside.  By adding an outer "skin" on a traditional helmet Dr. Philips has able to slow down the movement of the head in the helmet during an impact, which reduces the likelihood of brain injury. A brilliant advancement in helmet design.  

Hopefully, the new design will be tested and cleared for sale here in the U.S. soon.

Below is a video from helmet manufacturer Lazer describing its new design. 

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