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Gaps in Your Medical Treatment Can Kill Your WA Accident Case

Many people call us following a bad Washington car accident they were in months or years ago. They often have been in a high impact car crash that totaled their car. However, they did not have PIP insurance or health insurance, so following the emergency room visit they were not able to get needed follow up medical care.
After many months the injuries have not healed and they continue to live in daily pain. The pain and frustration forces them to get whatever treatment care they can find. Often the only treatment the can find that doesn't require up front payment is chiropractic care. The sad truth more often than not is that the delay in seeking treatment has done huge damage to their injury case. Gaps of several months or years in-between medical treatment can cause kill your injury case. Don't let it happen to you. 
Insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying for harm suffered in Washington car wrecks. They blame you for not getting the treatment recommended by the ER doctor regardless of whether you had the ability to pay or not.

When we take case like this to trial jurors are never told that the insurance company has forced you to go to trial and that there is insurance available. Washington Injury Attorneys like myself are not allowed to utter or even hint at the word insurance, it's like the third rail of injury trials. Utter the word insurance and you're virtually guaranteed a mistrial. Most jurors do not know this fact of the legal system and injury trials in general. As a result injury victims suffer greatly.
If you're in a Washington car or motorcycle accident do yourself a favor and get the medical care you need immediately. Beg or borrow the funds needed from family or friends if you don't have PIP coverage or health insurance.  This assumes the at fault driver has car insurance. If the at fault car has insurance you should be able to recover these medical payments later. If this is the scenario you are faced with it's very important you speak with an experience Washington Injury Attorney and get some advice on how to best handle your situation.
Also, buy as much PIP and UIM insurance you can afford. It generally is very low in cost and can be offset by higher deductibles if monthly payment amount is an issue. We have written a special report on Buying Car Insurance In Washington that you can use to help you in your discussions with your insurance agent.
If you have questions about your insurance please call and we'd be happy to discuss your current car insurance coverage with you.