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5 Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding in Washington

Most fatal Washington motorcycle accidents are caused by lack of rider safety training. According to the Washington State Patrol 40% of the riders involved in fatal accident due not have a motorcycle license endorsement. Which means they are riding a motorcycle that's too big or the don't have the education and experience required. It's a real same because safety course are readily available in this area and fun to take.

5 Safe Motorcycle Riding Tips:

1.  Trust No One. - Watch out for all vehicles around you, be a bit paranoid.

2.  Avoid Blind Spots. - Don't ride in a cars blind spot, they can't see you and will turn into you. If you can't see the driver's face in the car's mirrors, move to were you can and stay there for safer positioning.

3.  Be Defensive. - Anticipate what the cars around you may do and leave yourself an escape route.

4.  Make Room For Other's Mistakes. - Position yourself so you can avoid any mistakes made by the other cars around you, again try to predict what the cars may do.

5.  Slow Down in Town. - Riding at the speed limit allows other drivers to be able to anticapte your moves and drive safely around you. Your speeding can ruin this and place you in much greater danger.

Bonus Tip. - Practice, Practice. - Take time to practice braking in a parking lot, or quick swerving moves, become familiar with countersteering, or quick head check in case of emergency lane change.

Ride safe!