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  • Lemon Law Guide from Washington Attorney General's Office Information guide on what motor vehicles qualify under Washington's lemon law, what defects are covered, procedure for making a lemon law claim, information and documentation requirements and much more.
  • "Run-of-the-Mill Justice" by Nora Freeman Engstrom A law review article that details the charasteristics of the Perosnal Injury Mill law firms that you want to avoid at all costs.
  • Did You Hire a Personal Injury Mill to Handle Your Car Accident Case? Don't hire a personal injury mill to handle your case. You need an experienced trial attorney who will file a lawsuit and take your case to trial if needed. Kirkland injury attorneys Scott McDonald and Max Meyers of Scott McDonald And Associates, 425-822-5700, have years of litigation and trial experienced handling Washington car, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accident cases. Call them!
  • Seattle Car Accident Lawyer l Washington Injury Attorney Failing to wear a seat belt in a Washington car accident on average results in over $10,000 more in medical bills. If you're in a Washington car accident and you weren't wearing your seat-belt you need to find an experienced Washington car accident lawyer to help with your injury claim. Call the experienced Washington car accident attorneys at Scott McDonald and Associates - (425) 822-5700.
  • How Insurance Companies Trick Injury Victims and Claimants New report from American Association of Justice (AAJ) details how consumers often get the short end of the insurance coverage stick when they make a claim.
  • What Happens When Your Teenager Causes a Fatal Washington Car Accident What Happens When Your Teenager Causes a Fatal Washington Car Accident? If your teenager causes the death of passenger in a Washington car wreck, find an experienced Washington car accident lawyer, or a Kirkland WA Wrongful Death attorney. Parents can be on the hook financially, how? Find out how by reading article or calling the experienced fatal Washington car accident attorneys at Scott McDonald and Associates - (425) 822-5700.
  • How Did Facebook Use Terminate One Woman's Disability Benefits? Use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social media can kill your personal injury claim. Insurance companies spy on you and if you think your info is private think again. The attorneys at Scott McDonald And Associates are experienced Kirkland Washington personal injury attorneys who know how to help guide you through the pitfalls of an injury claim. Call them at 425-822-5700 to set up a FREE consultation.
  • Is Teen Cell Use While Driving Out of Control? Over 33% of 16 and 17 year old teens admit to texting while driving. 75% of all teenagers have cellphones and over 50% of them admit to talking on their cell while driving. Distracted teen drivers is an epidemic in this country that will lead to more car accidents if not stopped. The Washington attorneys at Scott McDonald and Associates have over 38 years of combined experience handling Washington Car accidents caused by distracted drivers. Call 425-822-5700 is you have been injured by a distracted teen driver.
  • Knee Injury in Car accident? Surgical Advances Developing People who have suffered a knee ligament injury in a car accident, playing sports or other manner may have new hope for PCL injuries. Posterior cruciate ligament or PCL injuries are less frequent than ACL injuries. However, PCL injuries are more likely in car accidents or frontal blows to the knee or leg, like hiting a dashboard. New surgical techiques neing developed may offer hope for better treatment in the future for PCL tears.
  • Surgial Treatment of Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tears: An Evolving Technique New surgical techniques are being researched and developed for treatment of PCL tears that are common following car accidents and sports injuries. PCL tears commonly occur in car accidents from the knee hitting the dashboard, or in sports from a hard fall forward on the knee. This is a medical journal article from the Journal of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons detailing new findings.
  • 12 Tips for Parents who Need a Hospital for their Children With over 36 years of experience representing Washington State children injured in pedestrian and bicycle accidents, the attorneys at Scott McDonald and Associates have the resources and skill you need for your child's case. Don’t leave your child's fate in the hands of a law firm that only handles child injury cases once in a blue moon; let the seasoned pros at Scott McDonald and Associates make sure your child receive the care and compensation he or she deserve. Negotiating with insurance adjusters and managing the details of child's injury cases can be a challenge, but we will take care of all the details so you can concentrate on help your child recover from his or her injuries.