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  • Washington Motorcycle Passenger Injury Claims Against Bike Owner 425.822.5700. FREE Washington motorcycle accident book. Injured bike passenger can make injury claim against bike owner. Get the book to find out how!
  • U.S. Motorcycle Accident Fatalities in 2010 Decrease Nationwide fatal motorcycle accidents decreased by 2% in 2010 from 2009 statistics. More helmet use, slower speeds, less drunk riding, & better training helped.
  • Air Bag Protection For Washington Motorcycle Riders Air bags for a motorcycle sounds crazy, but a jacket has been developed to give bikers an air bag system in Washington motorcycle crashes. Too many of our clients are injured in motorcycle accidents from impacting the roadway after a Seattle or Bellevue motorcycle accident. This jacket could help Washington motorcycle riders tremendously!
  • Top 7 Things NOT to do After a Washington Motorcycle Accident DON'T DO these 7 things after a Washington motorcycle crash and you might have a chance. Some of them can be fatal to your accident claim.
  • 10 Things TO DO After a Washington Motorcycle Accident Top 10 Things TO DO After A Washington Motorcycle Accident. Protect yourself and get all the information needed, so you don't wreck your motorcycle injury claim before it starts.
  • Spinal Cord Injury from Washington Motorycle Accident Spinal cord injuries from Washington motorcycle accidents are very serious and require the assistance of an experienced Washington motorcycle accident lawyer. The degree of injury can range from a disc bulge to being totally paralyzed. When serious spine injuries result from a Washington motorcycle wreck often life long medical care and assistance may be required.
  • Five Motorcycle Safety Myths That Can Be Deadly Don't fall prey to these myths and endanger your life. What common myths do Washington motorcycle riders put stock in at their own peril?
  • 5 Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding in Washington 5 Safe Motorcycle Riding Tips for Washington bikers. Call 425-822-5700 for motorcycle accident lawyers in Kirkland, Washington. Leading Bellevue, Seattle and Renton motorcycle injury attorneys. If you have been injured in a Seattle, Washington motorcycle accident order your FREE book “7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Motorcycle Accident Case” before signing any forms or talking to any insurance adjusters.
  • Motorcycles and Small Children Don't Mix Taking you child for a ride on your motorcycle is too dangerous. When an unexpected Washington motorcycle accident happens, kids often suffer much more catastrophic injuries and even death.
  • Motorcycle Thefts Down 13% Nationwide in 2009 According to a National Insurance Crime Bureau (NCIB) report motorcycle thefts were down by 13% in 2009 across the U.S. However, there were still over 56,000 bikes stolen in 2009.
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation: Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips Helpful tips for preventing your motorcycle from being stolen. Tips include when you're out riding, when bike is being stored, or when you're trying to sell your bike.
  • 2009 Motorcyclist Fatalities By State - Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) Report on Motorcycle accidents that proved fatal across the U.S.
  • 2009 Motorcycle Fatalities Down in U.S. In Washington state, motorcycle accident deaths were down over 15% from 81 deaths in 2008 to 69 deaths in 2009. However, 2008 saw a spike in motorcycle related deaths, as 2007 also had 69 deaths.
  • New Motorcycle Helmet "Skin" Reduces Brain Injury by 70% Head injuries are common in Washington motorcycle accidents. A new motorcycle helmet design in Europe can reduced traumatic brain injury (TBI) by as much as 70% in a motorcycle accident. If you are injured in a Washington motorcycle accident call Scott McDonald And Associates 425-822-5700 and Order your FREE book the 7 Biggest Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Washington Motorcycle Accident Case before signing anything or speaking with the insurance company adjuster.